Wandering Williams, take 1.

Testing. Testing. 1 2 3. Is this thing on? Captain's Log: Stardate um... I was never that big of a fan of Star Trek (it's on my list). So this is the first entry in the Wandering Williams blog! Let me tell you a bit about my plans for the future: I will do my best to add a post written by myself or Lindsey at least once a week. Things have been moving very quickly here and there isn't any sign of things slowing down anytime soon but we made a promise to update you all on our trips and experiences here in Scotland and beyond so I solemnly swear that we will both do everything in our power to share everything noteworthy. I plan to write a more substantial post or two here in the next few days covering the craziness of the past month. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of a highland "hairy" cow that I made friends with up in the Pentland Hills outside of Edinburgh. Good luck and good light.